LANG’s all-in-one drinks system utilises water filtration technology including reverse osmosis and remineralization to bring professionally filtered, great tasting drinks into the home

Professional water filtration at home

LANG is a compact easy-to-use home appliance that uses a 3-stage filtration system to filter out harmful pollutants and odors from tap water leaving you with pure, clean water.

Add back great tasting minerals

After filtering out harmful elements such as bacteria, viruses or hormones, you’re left with purified, clean water. The LANG System has a sophisticated remineralization capability that adds back essential minerals to provide drinking water that is healthy and tastes great.

Healthy beverages

LANG’s fast filtering system and high-performance boiler delivers 1 liter of hot or cold drinking water in less than 4 minutes. The built-in LANGPAK system allows you to instantly add a wide variety of flavors to your clean, remineralized water.

At the push of a button, transform your tap water into great tasting, healthy, mineralized water. LANG’s 3-stage filtration system (which includes reverse osmosis), converts plain tap water into pure water. By adding LANG’S unique formula of essential minerals and salts, you can recreate the taste of famous natural mineral waters originating from the Alpine region. All it takes is two LANGPAK natural mineral containers to create 250 liters of clean, healthy, great tasting mineralized water.

Use LANGPAKs with your LANG to get great tasting flavored drinks and teas. Simply insert your LANGPAK flavor into the machine, and select the Hot or Cold option. All flavors are created using pure, natural extracts and are completely sugar-free. Flavors are crafted and developed by experts in Switzerland and Germany. Current flavors include black tea, green tea, and lemon, with more natural flavors already in development.

Swiss Blend Natural Salts and Minerals

After filtration, LANGPAK Swiss Blend salts and minerals are added to recreate the taste of alpine water. Perfect for everyday hot and cold drinks, and cooking.

Hot drinks

Add a unique flavored LANGPAK to enjoy a healthy range of teas, all made from natural extracts.

Flavored water

Just slot in a flavored LANGPAK to enjoy great tasting cold drinks from our ever expanding range of flavors.

2 LANGPAK containers = 250 liters mineralized water

LANG – The cost saving solution

High quality mineralized water for less than 0.10€ per liter

Flavored drinks from 0.05€ per serving

Very low power consumption. Less than 4Wh per liter of mineralized water

Simply change filters every 20,000 liters or 2 years

Cut down on plastic and help the environment

Transportation of almost 400 billion liters of bottled water a year creates 60 million tons of CO2, not including the plastic bottles that ends up polluting our oceans and lakes. By reducing your plastic footprint, you are helping to minimize sea, wildlife and air pollution.

By creating bottled water at home with just a simple push of a button, there is no need to stock up on bottles from the market every week. Save money, effort and time – all whilst helping to save the environment!

1.5 liters in less than 6 minutes

Instantly serves hot or cold water, or one of the many LANGPAK flavored drinks.

Fills 1.5 liter jar, single cup or glass

Option to choose cup size fill level

Self-cleaning & no installation needed

Free-standing. Just plug it in, fill jar with tap water and start. Built-in self-cleaning program.

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