XRay 1
XRay 2
Instant Stainless Steel Boiler
2 x High Precision Load Cell Scales
LangPak Dosing Station with 3 x Micro Pump Motors
2 x Temperature sensors
3 x Solenoid Control Valves
85 psi High Pressure Pump
XRay 3
Sediment Filter
Activated Carbon Filter
Reverse Osmosis Membrane

LANG – Swiss engineered and developed

LANG, based in Switzerland, is the result of a decade of development by our in-house team, who worked closely with world-leading specialist partners.

Working with these experts allowed us to tackle the complex challenge of efficiently cleaning tap water of all pollutants, then adding back precise doses of minerals. Having solved these engineering challenges, we also had to develop a compact high-performance boiler that is capable of producing 1.5 liters of water at 90°C in less than 6 minutes. By designing such a fast, high capacity system, all LANG drinks are prepared instantly without the need for any built-in storage tanks that can contaminate cleaned water.

TheWell contains a sophisticated control system to ensure that all parts of the machine work correctly at all times. To get the job done, we incorporated load cells as well as smart sensors, which continuously monitor all aspects of the machine including pumps, valves, and boiler. This ensures that water is properly filtered, the correct heating temperatures used, and exact dosages of minerals and flavors administered.

All this had to be offered at a low cost, in a compact package, free-standing without any installation required. As a result of using cutting-edge solutions, TheWell is now packed with numerous patented and patent pending technologies.

We are the first ever company to develop the ultimate all-in-one drinks system that is easy to use, fits on your countertop and is truly cost-effective.

LANGPAK is a new revolutionary packaging solution for liquid drinks concentrates, providing hundreds of highly precise servings in a single pack, eliminating the need for single-serve capsules or packages.

LANGwater minerals make up the basis of all LANG drinks, to ensure every serving tastes great. Just add your chosen LANGwater+ flavor on top of the LANGwater minerals, and you’re good to go.

A key advantage of using natural liquid extracts rather than dry powder extracts is that liquid retains a more intense flavor. The liquid minerals and flavors in the LANGPAK mix instantly with the water, no need to stir or wait for a powder to dissolve. With TheWell’s built-in micropump, LANGPAKs can dose liquids with medical precision, ensuring every serving tastes exactly the same.

LANGPAKs are airtight and hygienic. They have built-in valve seals, which allow you to change flavors between servings without risk of reducing their ‘use by’ date or of leakages and contamination. LANGwater containers have a shelf-life of 24 months, whilst LANGwater+ containers last at least 12 months.

Each LANGPAK has a built-in memory chip that informs the TheWell what flavor or mineral it contains, the expiry date and how much is left after each serving. It even remembers how much is left after it has been exchanged between servings. Very smart!

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