Two LANGwater containers will provide you with the necessary minerals to produce 250 liters of mineralized water.

Because our mineral blends are made using liquid extracts, they mix instantly with water, no need to stir or wait for a powder to dissolve. Our blends contain no sodium and are produced in Switzerland from high quality, natural ingredients.

Alpine blend

The two LANGPAKs contain a mix of natural salts and minerals (including potassium, calcium and magnesium) found in natural mineral water. They come together to recreate that mild yet great-tasting natural spring water found in the Swiss Alps.

Their mineral and salt concentration is the perfect balance for daily consumption as it supports a healthy diet. It is also ideal for preparing baby food.

250 bottles_packs2-b

Cook with LANGwater!

Use LANGwater when cooking, preparing fruit and vegetables, or making an espresso coffee. You will find that LANGwater, with its neutral mineral blend, will refine the taste of your meal. It will also minimise the build-up of limescale on your kitchen equipment.

LANG for your health

Are you happy with the tap water in your house? Then you are living in a privileged part of the world and you should keep drinking it. It is the best solution from an environmental perspective after all.

However, in many countries tap water either doesn’t taste good or is simply just not safe to drink. This is where we come in: by filtering out the contaminants found in tap water and adding back all the goodness from mountain spring water, LANG leaves you with pure, healthy and great-tasting water.

Man-made pollutants, such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals, hormones and radioactive particles, are the hardest to filter out.
It is also very difficult for water pipes leading to homes to be kept completely free of contaminants – in many countries, this is where harmful viruses and bacteria grow. Chlorine is quite commonly used to ensure that viruses and bacterial growth are kept in check, but that can also cause problems. Chlorine not only affects smell and taste, but over time it
can also cause cancer, asthma or dermatitis following exposure to high doses.

The LANG system cleans every type of tap water, whatever the pollutants. Since fully filtrated water does not taste good, our system then adds back a healthy, balanced mix of minerals for optimal taste. LANGwater does not contain any sodium because most diets already have excessive levels of salt. It is also free from the microplastic pollutants found in many PET water bottles.


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