The two LANGPAKs contain a mix of natural salts and minerals (including potassium, calcium and magnesium) found in natural mineral water. They come together to recreate that mild yet great tasting natural spring water found in the Swiss Alps. Their mineral and salt concentration is the perfect balance for daily consumption as it supports a healthy diet. It is also ideal for baby food preparation. Two packs combined produce 250 liters of mineralized LANG water. Sodium-free.

Price 19.95 €

Natural Black Tea

Price 24.95 €

Made from pure tea, extracted from high-quality tea leaves and dissolved in water, LANG teas provide the great taste of traditionally brewed tea, instantly. The LANG Black Tea is a rich blend that can be served with milk or sweetened, with one LANGPAK of Natural Black Tea producing 240 cups (60 liters) of perfect tea.

Natural Lemon

Price 19.95 €

A light infusion of lemon made from natural fruit juice, adding a refreshing taste to LANG’s mineralized water. Sugar-free. One LANGPAK of Natural Lemon produces 300 servings (75 liters) of prepared flavored water.

Natural green tea

Price 24.95 €

Made from high-quality pure green tea leaves, LANG green tea is a blend of all-natural extracts, renowned for its health benefits. With just a small amount, LANG creates the perfect cup of green tea, with one LANGPAK of Natural Green Tea producing 280 cups (70 liters) of tea.

1 LANGPAK with drink flavors = up to 300 cups or glass servings

Cook with LANG water!

Use LANG mineralized water when cooking, preparing fruits and vegetables, or when making an espresso coffee. You will find that the clean LANG water with its neutral mineral blend will refine the taste of your meal. It will also minimize the build-up of limescale on your kitchen equipment.

LANG for your health

By filtering out all the potentially harmful contaminants found in tap water, and adding back in all the goodness from the Swiss Alps, LANG leaves you with unadulterated, healthy water.


There is an increased awareness that tap water is not as healthy as we once thought. While public waterworks have improved their cleaning processes, it is simply impossible to filter out all contaminations on such a large scale. The most difficult to filter out are man-made pollutants such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals, hormones and nuclear particles. In addition, it is simply impossible for them to keep water pipes leading to homes completely clean of contaminants. It is here where harmful viruses and bacteria grow. In many countries, chlorine is used to ensure that such viruses and bacterial growth is kept in check, but that can also cause problems. Chlorine not only affects smell and taste, but over time it can also be cancerous and cause asthma or dermatitis if consumed in high doses.


Having a balanced intake of essential minerals is important for our health. Unfortunately, tap water rarely contains the ideal balance of essential minerals to satisfy both health requirements and taste preferences. The LANG system cleans every type of tap water, no matter its pollutants. It then adds back a healthy balanced mix of minerals for both optimal health and taste. The LANGpak does not contain any sodium as most diets already have excessive levels of salt. LANG is also free from microplastic pollutants that are found in many PET water bottles.


All LANG flavored beverages are sugar-free and low in calories. Produced in Switzerland using the best quality natural ingredients and minimal use of additives.

The LANGPAK is a new revolutionary packaging solution for liquid drinks concentrates, providing hundreds of highly precise servings in a single pack; eliminating the needs for single-serve capsules or packages.


LANGPAK minerals make up the basis of all LANG drinks, to ensure every drinks tastes great. Just add your chosen LANGPAK flavor on top of the LANGPAK minerals, and you’re good to go.


A key advantage of using natural liquid extracts rather than dry powder extracts is that liquid retains a more intense flavor. The liquid minerals and flavors in the LANGPAK mix instantly with the water, no need to stir or wait for a powder to dissolve. With LANG’s built-in micropump, LANGPAK’s can dose liquids with medical precision, ensuring every serving tasting exactly the same.


LANGPAK’s are airtight and hygienic. The built-in valve seals the LANGPAK, allowing you to change flavors between servings without the risk of leakages or contamination, or reducing its use by date. Mineral LANGPAK’s have a shelf-life of 24 months, whilst flavored LANGPAK’s last at least 12 months.


The LANGPAK has a built-in memory chip that informs the LANG system what flavor or mineral it contains, the expiry date and how much is left after each serving. It even remembers how much is left after it has been exchanged between servings. Very smart!