Having great water and drinks directly from your tap sounds like a great idea, but how can you be sure?

TheWell has been in development for over 14 years. Why so long? Because we are committed to bringing you a truly outstanding solution. We partnered up with many experts along the way and then dedicated over 2 years to running a beta test, to get feedback from real users and make the necessary improvements. Here are a few of the testimonials we have collected.

  • Sara Schulingkamp, Lariano (Italy)

    I was looking for a long time for a good and affordable machine that could make drinkable water for my family. Unfortunately, tap water where I live is not good for drinking, so I had to buy a lot of bottled water: that was too heavy, expensive, and not environment friendly (even if I always recycled).

    TheWell is so easy to use, I just press a button and have fresh water in no time. It’s really a no fuss machine, it autocleans too! I also love the fact that it makes hot water, and I can just make some herbal tea without using any other boiler or pot: I just put the cup in TheWell and press hot water and there you go! Easy peasy! They also have green tea and black tea flavored packs that are great.

    Another bonus point is customer support, they always replied quickly and very kindly. Really satisfied with my purchase.

  • Philipp Puchert, Leipzig (Germany)

    We are enthusiastic users of The Well and are constantly asked about the machine!

    What we like best is that the water tastes so delicious and you can also use hot water directly – for tea, for example. In summer, the lemon flavor is great, which you can choose if you want. We would love to have a few more options, so we are looking forward to new flavors from LANG.

    Because the filtering process takes a few minutes and the machine carries out its self-cleaning on a regular basis (which can’t be interrupted), we always use two jugs, to keep one full for immediate use.

    We have had excellent support from LANG Support and it has been a great experience overall to participate in the beta test. I would like to see continued good support for all customers.

  • Reece Morris-Piper, Oxford (United Kingdom)

    I chose LANG as I wanted to stop purchasing mineral water in plastic bottles and my tap water is incredibly hard where I live. Whilst filtering water makes it drinkable, I was looking around for something that would give me more choices, then I came across LANG. The unit was a good price so we thought, why not give it a go? I have not looked back since.

    The water that we get from TheWell is soft and clean tasting, without having to feel bad for my environmental impact using water out of bottles or throwing away filters every month. The two-year replacement filter system is great for the environment and produces much less plastic than going through one a month.

    TheWell is really simple to use, self-cleaning (internal) and only requires a wipe on the outside from time to time. It’s small enough to sit on my draining board or on the side.

    I use my LANG at every opportunity. Not only for drinking, but also for cooking and water for my pets; I have even started to use it when making Tofu. My family really notice the difference between water from TheWell and water straight out of the tap. We have also started using LANGwater to make Cola with the Sodastream, to cut yet more plastic waste.

    A massive added bonus with TheWell is the use of flavour cartridges; all the ones we have tried have been great. The teas lasted us no time at all, with us reaching for those instead of the teapot. And it is so convenient to have hot, filtered water straight out of the machine.

    LANG’s support has been nothing short of exceptional. Every time I have contacted them or asked for anything they have gone above and beyond the level of service I expect.

  • Peter Poulsen, Prague (Czech Republic)

    The first reason why we chose to be part of the LANG test was that my stomach is weak and doesn’t take the water in Czech Republic very well; I need cleaner mineral water. The second reason was that we would go through 100 plastic bottles per month, which is a huge waste and not very friendly to mother nature.

    TheWell is very easy to use and is the only water cleaning machine we have found that fits on the table, doesn’t need special connections and filters the water more and better than anything else we found and tried.

    The minerals added bring freshness to the filtered water and our stomachs enjoy this very much. And even though my wife was fine with the tap water, she found the LANG mineral water fresher and is now only drinking LANG water, like me.

    Support has been good from the start; no matter if we ask a question or have an issue, they react fast and professionally.

    We highly recommend this product if you want clean and fresh water. My stomach is happy.