About LANG Switzerland

LANG is based in Switzerland and is founded by serial entrepreneur Jan-Erik Lundberg


“After watching a documentary on the bottled water industry where it showed that it is directly responsible for countless environmental and health issues, I decided to turn my efforts toward making a change. As a father of young children, I felt compelled to do something for their generation as well.


Do you know we now consume nearly 400 billion liters of bottled water every year? More than 1 million plastic bottles used every minute? And less than 20% of these bottles are properly recycled.


I do understand the need for bottled water after living in many cities around the world where drinking tap water is simply not an option – due to health risks or poor taste.
These two factors – the need to eliminate bottled water while offering a viable alternative to tap water – is what compelled me to create the LANG machine. This simple countertop machine replicates the process of the bottling plants to turn your tap water into great tasting, clean and healthy water – all done in your own home. It’s quick and cost-effective as well. I expanded this concept by adding the possibility to also make other hot and cold beverages instantly, whilst also eliminating the need for single-serve capsules.


We welcome you in joining us on this journey of positive change…”

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G-Lab GmbH
Baarerstrasse 125, 6300 Zug, Switzerland
Phone: +41 43 205 2571
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